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Ginger B. Lane, head gingerbread designer on Gingerbread Lane has been building gingerbread houses since 1984. She began enterting contests in 1988, winning awards in the annual Amway Grand Plaza contest. She went on to challenge herself to bake some of her favorite structures such as an historic building in Grand Rapids, Michigan and her favorite structure in the world, The Eiffel Tower.

Now Ginger primarily makes houses for friends and family, just for fun.

Ginger has been interviewed around the world for newspaper articles, and radio. She has done live demonstrations and has taught others how to build gingerbread houses in workshops. She gets emails almost daily from people wondering how to create the vision they have for their gingerbread project.

In 2006 Ginger began selling kits on this web site, however due to a fire in her kitchen in late 2008, the kits were not available in 08 and 2009. There will be kits and much more available in 2010 when an entire line of gingerbread products will be offered.

Please look through our web site, and write to Ginger if you have any questions. Email Ginger gingerbln@aol.com



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